The staff of Maid of Honor has been a valuable secret weapon in my marketing scheme for many years.

In addition to the standard expectations of high quality cleaning and honest, loyal employees, the management has made it a priority to understand our business…Perhaps the strongest recommendation I can make is that I was able to take their service for granted. They served as a fresh set of eyes on model conditions because they regularly inspect their own work and submit reminders of maintenance items they notice, even if it has nothing to do with their immediate responsibilities.

Ann Rayborn

VP Casa Bella Homes, Formerly Wilshire Homes

John is an experienced manager, who has a keen eye for detail. Professional and positive in all situations. Great motivator.

Bobby R. Allen

Division Sales Manager Meritage Homes

Maid of Honor has more than exceeded our expectations. We chose to acquire their services after being disappointed with all previous cleaning vendors.

We are exceptionally pleased with their work. Maid of Honor has accommodated all scheduling requests in a timely manner and without delay, which had been extremely helpful in our San Marcos locations…The professionalism, friendliness and thoroughness of the Maid of Honor staff have been exceptional. We particularly enjoy the ability to speak to an individual on the telephone, versus an answering machine. I am sure that any community who chooses to use the services of Maid of Honor will be pleased with the results.

Aurora Nobles

President of Carlisle Apartments

I am very familiar with Maid of Honor’s business and have been using their services for 4 years now. Since they took over the cleaning of our models, they have been spotless.

Becky T. O'Brien

Director Marketing Strategies, Fieldstone Homes, Texas/Utah

I hired John’s company at two separate Fortune 100 Home Building companies. He provided superior service and personally inspected his job sites.

I worked with him in multiple cities and adopted his “Scope of Work” document as a performance standard for our company. His price was more than fair but I appreciated that his employees were able to communicate well with us and that he provided security and background checks for each of his team members. Highly recommend!

Jeanne Conger

National Sales Coach at J Forrest Group
Formerly VP Sales, Marketing & Studio SA/Houston KB Home, VP Meritage Houston

John and the team he trained did a great job on a weekly basis to keep our models cleaned and always being ready to showcase.

Vickie Ward

Director of Sales and Studio at KB Home

They were punctual, efficient, and trustworthy. Their honesty was always above reproach.

They have had a ten year association with Clark Wilson Homes and Doyle Wilson Homes and although I am no longer with these companies I can safely state that this company performed their duties well.

Clark N. Ward

CEO Clark Wilson Homes

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